Hearing Loss and Dementia

December 15, 2015

Do you ever procrastinate? Has someone been “bugging you” to do something about your hearing? Well, you probably should listen. Besides being annoying to you and others, hearing loss can have more devastating effects. New studies from Johns Hopkins University indicate that the longer you put off doing something about your hearing, the higher your risk of developing dementia.

The study by John Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging, published in the February 2011 Archives of Neurology, found that people with hearing loss were more likely to develop dementia than similar individuals with normal hearing. The study followed 639 dementia-free individuals from 1998-2004. Of them, 125 had mild hearing loss, 53 had moderate hearing loss and six had severe hearing loss. At the end of the study, 58 of the participants had developed dementia, including 37 who had Alzheimer’s. Both diseases were more prevalent in the participants with the most severe hearing loss.

Hearing loss not only deprives one of our most important senses, it can also cause social isolation. Researchers believe these put people with untreated hearing loss more at risk for Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia.

Early identification is very important when treating hearing loss. The first step is to schedule a complete hearing evaluation. At Zenith Hearing Aid Centers we do not charge for this service. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 203-453-6611 or 203-624-9857..

• Read the full article at Johns Hopkins Medicine

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