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January 25, 2016

Many people, even those with good hearing, have trouble hearing on the phone. One reason is that phones aren’t what they used to be. Cell phones are great inventions, but they don’t always sound great, and they’re often used in noisy environments like cars and grocery stores. Even today’s home phones may not sound as good as the old Bell Telephones from days gone by.

For people with less-than-perfect hearing, the problem is even worse. Those who feel they’re not ready for hearing aids may find phone calls very frustrating. Even those with hearing aids may have trouble hearing someone with a “bad connection.”

But there is help. The CaptionCall phone is a device that not only boosts the volume of a caller’s voice but also displays captions of the caller’s words on a screen so you can hear AND read hat they say. It works exactly like a regular phone but gives you the option to read the words if you like. The CaptionCall is a high-quality phone ($199 value) with a loud ringer, speakerphone, and large text for easy reading.

Best of all – it’s FREE!

The CaptionCall phone is provided free of charge to anyone with a certified hearing loss. How can it be free? The U.S. Government pays for it under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). There is no extra charge to your phone bill. The only requirements are a standard phone line, an internet connection, and certification of hearing loss by a licensed professional. We at Zenith Hearing Aid Centers can provide this for you.

If you’re interested in getting your free CaptionCall phone, please call us at 203-453-6611!

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